Innovation and Sunovaa

Innovation and Sunovaa are synonym as Business is to Analytics. Sunovaa is a focused Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics led IT Products, Solutions & Services. We stay abreast of the latest advances in Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboards, Data Visualization, and Advanced Analytics & Data Services on multiple platforms that include Cloud, Client-Server & Mobility etc.

Sunovaa is formed with the DNA of a software product company that believes in having deep understanding of its client business, based on the deep understanding present innovative solutions that will lead to mitigation of the business challenge delivering best of the breed solutions using the most appropriate BI, Analytics & Big Data tools & products.

Driven by quest of excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering measureable value to our customers and exceeding their expectations. Our constant endeavor is to understand changing industry challenges and pain points, and deliver solutions that leverage the process knowledge of our employees and associates.

The future beholds new challenges in new technologies areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Temporal & Streaming Analytics, Adaptive Analytics, Data Sciences and Knowledge Processing Unit (KPU) for the next leap of faith.

What we are?

Delivering Business Outcomes

Sunovaa is the trusted partner helping clients succeed by delivering business Outcomes through highly efficient Business Intelligence, Reporting, Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics solutions & Data Services. Sunovaa consistently delivers excellence across the globe through proficient interlocking of processes and methodologies.

Are you ready? Let’s get started together on this journey.

Today businesses want to further validate their global vision, get an in-depth understanding of customers and suppliers, through the incisive Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions to further demonstrate and retain leadership in their businesses. Working closely with our customers as transformation partners, Sunovaa delivers expert BI, Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics & Data consulting services and implementation of innovative software solutions across a number of enterprise technology and platforms.

Our prominence on constant technical improvement ascertains that we provide the most current and optimal solutions that meet, and exceed client requirements.

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